6 04, 2018

Putting pest control top of your priorities


When opening a new bar or restaurant, it’s very easy to get carried away with its look and feel, well, that’s the exciting part isn’t it? Mundane paperwork often comes bottom on the list of priorities, when in reality it should be at least on a par with the front of house fixtures and fittings. In the mix of that paperwork is pest control, not glamorous, we’ll admit, but it is absolutely critical to the future success of your eatery. Having an effective pest control plan in place is essential to keep unwanted guests out of your premises and preventing [...]

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4 12, 2017

Using Apple technology to fight pests!


We’ve previously blogged about how our use of drones is helping our technicians to operate more efficiently and keep them safe when working at height, and now we’re equipping all field staff with another piece of technology to make them even more professional. We’ve invested in iPads for our technicians to assist them when visiting clients at their premises.  The iPads will help them to carry out and record in-depth site audits while they are on the road rather than writing it on paper and transferring it online when they return to the office. They will also be able to [...]

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4 12, 2017

Beware of uninvited Christmas guests


‘Tis the season…. for families to make the annual trip into the loft or a forgotten about corner of the garage to retrieve Christmas trees and decorations, often to find they are in a poor state because of damp conditions and even, possibly, rodents! But it’s not only family homes which get trimmed up over the festive period, for commercial businesses, especially those in the hospitality industry, it’s also a chance to make their premises stand out from the competition. Like homeowners, when businesses enter areas of storage rooms they have often not looked at for 12 months, they can [...]

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4 12, 2017

Are you being hit by unfair price increases?


When you sign a contract with a supplier you expect that the price you’ve agreed to be the price you continue paying for throughout the life of the contract. But, we’re increasingly hearing about washroom services suppliers who are cleaning up by using dirty tactics to get people to sign up with them. Rolling contracts with variations in how and when the contract will be automatically renewed means businesses are often finding they are being charged much more than they had initially agreed to. “This is something we’re hearing about more and more from people enquiring about washroom services,” said [...]

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1 11, 2017

Why should pest controllers be DBS checked?


The thought of pests and vermin being seen in schools and nurseries would send most parents and their children into a panic. But with kitchens, food stores, dining halls and bins – containing both food waste and baby’s nappies – providing ideal conditions for unwelcome visitors, it’s essential schools and nurseries have pest control measures in place. The National Union of Teachers advises schools to have policies on pest control which cover stopping pests getting into buildings, looking for evidence of the presence of pests, putting adequate cleaning measures in place and giving a member of staff responsibility for pest [...]

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1 11, 2017

Fagan & Whalley achieves highest BRC grading


Fagan & Whalley Ltd, a modern logistics provider offering a first-class service with the highest quality equipment, is celebrating receiving an AA grading in its recent BRC Storage and Distribution audit. The company, which is celebrating its 90th year in business in 2017, opened a new 92,000 square foot distribution warehouse at Burnley Bridge Business Park in August this year to accommodate the growing demand for its services. Being part of the food supply chain, it is essential it holds the British Retail Consortium global standard accreditation and so they called on the services of Harvey Environmental Services to ensure [...]

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1 11, 2017

Bem Brasil praised for appointing Harvey


News that food hygiene inspectors are visiting a new client in the hospitality industry would have some pest control experts dreading the results, but for the team here at Harvey Environmental Services, it led to some very high praise. Giovanni Testoni, Head of Operations at Bem Brasil had worked with Harvey Environmental Services in his previous roles at restaurants in the North West and got back in touch when he joined the Brazilian restaurant chain with concerns about their current pest control team. “I have known Martin and his team for about 10 years and know that they are the [...]

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15 09, 2017

The value of long service


As a business owner, low staff turnover should be very important to you, but how often do you ask your suppliers about their staff turnover rate? The answer is probably not very often, but it should be a key consideration for you when choosing new suppliers to work with because low turnover means stability and the ability to build strong relationships. We regularly receive positive feedback from clients on the fact they are visited by the same technicians time after time, enabling them to build a personal relationship with them and trust that they understand their business and its needs. [...]

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21 08, 2017

Counting the cost of cheap service


Businesses working in the food production and manufacturing industries rely on accreditations from organisations such as the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and American Institute of Bakeries (AIB) to secure contracts for their goods. Pest control is one of several key areas of assessment for companies who want to achieve these standards, and they need to be reaccredited with them each year. We work with a number of businesses who need these national and international standards in order to win new contracts for their services. But, many businesses undervalue the importance of working with a professional pest control team to ensure [...]

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1 08, 2017

Industry seal of approval


We are celebrating a successful reaccreditation of a nationwide pest control standard. We became the first company in Lancashire and only the 17th in the UK, to receive the EN16636 standard in 2016. The European Standard for Pest Management Services was designed to acts as a demonstration of credentials and a benchmark of quality throughout Europe. “The EN16636 Standard is a mark of quality, so we were delighted to be one of the first to receive it,” said Martin Harvey, managing director of Harvey Environmental Services and former president of the British Pest Control Association. “Previously we had secured ISO [...]

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