6 04, 2018

Putting pest control top of your priorities


When opening a new bar or restaurant, it’s very easy to get carried away with its look and feel, well, that’s the exciting part isn’t it? Mundane paperwork often comes bottom on the list of priorities, when in reality it should be at least on a par with the front of house fixtures and fittings. In the mix of that paperwork is pest control, not glamorous, we’ll admit, but it is absolutely critical to the future success of your eatery. Having an effective pest control plan in place is essential to keep unwanted guests out of your premises and preventing [...]

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13 03, 2018

Row, row, row your…rower?


Our managing director Martin Harvey led his team to rowing victory in a fundraising challenge at Blackburn Rugby Union Football Club. The event was held to raise money for the Under 16s tour of Canada this year and local businesses were asked to lend their support. Participating under the name ‘Harvey's Heavies’ the team of Under 16 players pipped their competitors, sponsored by TWJ, to the post. Or perhaps that should be port, as the challenge was to row the equivalent width of the English Channel. A true test of teamwork, the players took it in turns to row sections [...]

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27 02, 2018

We’re watching you 24/7


We’re always striving to increase our offer to customers, which is why we have introduced infra-red technology to our offer. It makes perfect sense when you think about it; a lot of pests are most active at night when no one is around to disturb them, so why not try catch them in the act? Infra-red cameras are designed to see surface-level infrared radiation – radiation that we feel as heat and which comes from objects emitting heat, such as pests. These cameras are very sensitive and can locate heat sources that no one would otherwise notice. It means we can gather [...]

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27 02, 2018

Technology at its finest


With a world of technology at our fingertips we’d be fools not to use it. Now don’t get us wrong; we’re a people business and we don’t think anything can beat a familiar, trusted face turning up at your door. But as a stickler for accurate and up-to-date paperwork at all times, the manual process of relaying this information back to the office is often time-consuming and is open to human error. This is where technology comes into its own. Smart mobile data-capture devices enable us, as pest control professionals, to capture real-time data about the location and nature of [...]

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19 02, 2018

Buyer Beware!


We pride ourselves on good customer and partner relations and feel pretty confident that if we weren’t doing a good job for our clients they would let us know. As such, a few weeks ago we were privy to information from a competitor, sent to us by a loyal and long-standing client. While clearly a stock marketing message used in the competitor’s correspondence, the content sparked a number of questions as to their chosen campaign line: “We operate a fixed pricing policy” What does this really mean? How long are the prices fixed for? If they are fixed for several [...]

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31 01, 2018

EN16636 – it’s getting serious


Word on the street is that some huge retailers may only choose to work with companies who have the EN16636 standard in the near future. We have long been ambassadors of this European standard for the pest management industry, which was developed to professionalise the pest management sector and to protect clients, public health and the environment. It makes sense that we, and other pest controllers should support this standard, doesn’t it? We last year celebrated our successful reaccreditation of a nationwide pest control standard, having been the first company in Lancashire and only the 17th in the UK, to [...]

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31 01, 2018

Pushing the boundaries


Do you choose to accept the norm or work with someone constantly pushing the boundaries? We think we’re recognised as a business which likes to push boundaries, always aiming to set and deliver new benchmarks when it comes to our pest control service. As such, we it comes to meeting legislation or training requirements, we always ask ourselves - ‘what more can we do?’. The qualifying standard needed to become a BPCA member is a Level 2 in Pest Management.  We want to better that, which is why we have taken the decision to upskilling our workforce with the Advanced [...]

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31 01, 2018

How many pest control visits is enough?


How do you determine the frequency of your pest control visits? For certain companies (namely food and packaging) the frequency of pest control visits is determined by an assessment of the site/s, as dictated by the BRC standard. This is an element of the BRC standard that is seen as difficult by some pest control companies and is often missed out, so how do companies know they are ticking this particular box? We can help. When assessing any site for a pest control programme we do this on a risk-based strategy in order to address the issues raised by the [...]

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4 12, 2017

Using Apple technology to fight pests!


We’ve previously blogged about how our use of drones is helping our technicians to operate more efficiently and keep them safe when working at height, and now we’re equipping all field staff with another piece of technology to make them even more professional. We’ve invested in iPads for our technicians to assist them when visiting clients at their premises.  The iPads will help them to carry out and record in-depth site audits while they are on the road rather than writing it on paper and transferring it online when they return to the office. They will also be able to [...]

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4 12, 2017

Beware of uninvited Christmas guests


‘Tis the season…. for families to make the annual trip into the loft or a forgotten about corner of the garage to retrieve Christmas trees and decorations, often to find they are in a poor state because of damp conditions and even, possibly, rodents! But it’s not only family homes which get trimmed up over the festive period, for commercial businesses, especially those in the hospitality industry, it’s also a chance to make their premises stand out from the competition. Like homeowners, when businesses enter areas of storage rooms they have often not looked at for 12 months, they can [...]

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