Delivering outstanding service to the hospitality industry

Newspaper stories and viral social media posts of public health issues in restaurants, hotels and bars might make you itch, cringe or feel sick, but they also highlight the importance of hospitality businesses getting their pest control methods right.

Every business and venue in the hospitality industry has its own unique needs when it comes to pest control so it is important they work with a team of experts who have prior experience of the industry and the public health issues they have to deal with.

Here at Harvey Environmental Services working in partnership with hospitality companies, whether a large national chain or single site venue, forms a large part of our business and it is a sector we have extensive knowledge of.

We understand the importance of protecting your reputation and brand, preventing profit loss and complying with legislation to protect the health of your customers and staff. Our passion for pest control and understanding of the needs of businesses in the industry has led to our services being highly recommended by a number of high profile hospitality consultants.

“Our proactive approach to both pest control and washroom services is a real benefit for hospitality businesses,” said Martin Harvey.

“We regularly meet all of our clients face-to-face to get an understanding of their issues and needs and by offering a multi-service solution of pest control and washrooms they only have to deal with one contractor who truly understands their business and the importance of maintaining their reputation.”

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